Update 355 - My belly is getting fuller as I continue to stuff myself, pushing to finish it all even as I start to breathe heavier and moan. 

Update 354 - It feels as though the bigger I get, the softer I become. Running my hands all over myself has always been fun, but I find myself getting more and more turned on as I pause to squeeze and delight in my sumptuous rolls.
Update 353 - It's been several years and Hopper definitely hasn't been stingy with the eggos. Things have been ok for a while, but the ever present threat of self serving scientists as well as the Upside Down keep her on her toes, and always ready for a fight.
Update 352 - The best summer snack will always be popsicles, especially when it's super hot. Watch me lick and suck this delicious cherry treat.
Update 351 - I managed to get one last swim in before things get cooler, and I am so happy I did, because I finally got to wear my new bikini. I think next time I should just wait until it's darker and go chunky dunking!
Update 350 - I can't help but moan and rub my belly as I stuff myself with the greasiest and cheesiest food. Watch me be a complete pig just for you. 
Update 349 - My thighs look bigger than ever as I jiggle and shake them just for you.   
Update 348 - Not every Slytherin is bad, but this bewitching beauty will have you thinking some very naughty thoughts.  
Update 347 - Summer is perfect if you like to wear practically nothing and soak up the sun. You caught me outside, being flirty and flaunting my fat, so now it's time to really get me wet!
Update 346 - Squeezing my massive thighs & huge plump ass into my jeans keeps getting harder as I get bigger and softer. The only thing I love more than how my butt looks in them is seeing my belly burst forward when I unbutton!
Update 345 - Sometimes I forget just how much every part of me jiggles and sways with every movement, but even more so with a little help ;)
Update 344 - I mostly wear stretchy leggings now, but I decided to try on the biggest pair of jeans I've ever owned. I have definitely gained weight since I last had them on!

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