Update 393 - Pigging out at the Fairy Fall Harvest means big belly rubs and jiggles afterward.... and oh, you caught me in the act!
Update 392 - Halloween is my absolute favourite holiday, not to mention it's just before my birthday! Naturally this means I will load up on all the candies I can get my greedy lil pig hooves on! 
Update 391 - It's amazing how a body so soft could get you so hard. There's no denying just how bad you want me, so go on, give in to your urges, I won't tell. 
Update 390 - Things keep getting tighter, even my bra! I wonder if maybe this is a sign to just walk around naked!
Update 389 - Each new pound makes me softer and more beautiful than ever, but it also means that I am getting too big for even my biggest pjs. I guess I'll just have to sleep naked tonight. 
Update 388 - Carbs and cheese are all a girl needs to be soft, round, and gain pound after pound. I dig right in to my fav take away mac n cheese while wearing my tiniest bikini, and you get to see just how stuffed I get when I eat something I love. 
Update 387 - You've been so good to me, and it's time I show you just how much I appreciate all you do. Sit back, relax, and watch my body sway and jiggle all for you.
Update 386 - Tight PJs, breakfast buffet, and being watched while I pig out in public?! I talk about all of this in my latest Fat Chat video!
Update 385 - My clothes keep feeling tighter, and even 6X items are practically bursting at the seams! 
Update 384 - The Queen has been in a mood lately, and the only thing that makes her happy is having all her luxurious rolls rubbed and oiled up so that she glistens like a cooked pig. It's a good thing her loyal servant is so skilled at getting into all her creases and rolls. 
Update 383 - Trying on clothes that are clearly way too tight, to the point that some can't even get on my body at all, has been happening more and more lately. Did I really get even FATTER?!
Update 382 - Squashing food under my massive ass is surprisingly fun to do, and even more fun to watch.

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