Update 376 - You're new to this job, and things seem alright, but then you get called into the CEO's office. She's huge, sexy, and about to show you who's boss....and you fucking love it.
Update 375 - This bratty princess has been kidnapped by the witch who wants to make her even more plump, round, and delicious. But wait, is that a paddle in the witch's hand?! I think the princess might be in for some trouble!
Update 374 - Barbie loves to dance, especially if she knows you're watching. Sit back, relax, and enjoy all she has to offer. 
Update 373 - Barbie is looking a lot bigger than before and is having fun flaunting every curve where neighbours can get a sneak peek.
Update 372 - I love grabbing, squeezing, and rubbing my huge tits in your face. It turns me on know just how bad you want them.
Update 371 - There's far to many delicious things to possibly name them all, but I wanted to share some of my fav snacks I picked up recently and have a little chat about all the things I love eating. 
Update 370 - I love how soft and luscious I feel, and how even my velvety soft lingerie can't fully contain my belly. Wouldn't you love you snuggle up close and squeeze me tight?
Update 369 - NEW WEIGH-IN VIDEO!It's been a while since Ii stepped on the scale. Are you as excited as I am?
Update 368 - Having a bully big brother who eats all my snacks is awful, but I figured out the perfect revenge. Watch as i stomp, crush, and completely destroy his fave cars! 
Update 367 - The bigger I get, the more I notice how certain things are harder to do, including bouncing on the bed!
Update 366 - Do these stripes make me look fat? I sure hope so!
Update 365 - Hotel stays are for trash tv and luggage full of snacks to pig out on, so that's exactly what i plan to do!

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