Update 340 - Painting is fun, but body painting is even better, especially when you have such a large canvas!
Update 339 - Watch as I waddle and walk around the hotel hallways, and even strut my fat ass outside!
Update 338 - Supersized and super sexy. Looking for something refreshing this summer? ;)
Update 337 - Every spoiled princess deserves her own private pool time, and that's exactly what I did. My swimsuit used to have a little extra room in it when I bought it, but now it's fully filled out and my rolls are spilling out like never before.
Update 336 - It's time to step back on that scale and see if my suspicions (and tighter clothes) are right. Will my weight go up? Am I closer to a certain milestone? I can't wait for you to find out!
Update 335 - When I like something, I like a LOT of it, so naturally I decided that chugging an entire 6 pack of cokes in one go was a good idea. So much deliciousness, so many burps!
Update 334 - It's been a long time since I attempted to do anything this active, and i'm exhausted just rewatching the video! I am clearly more of a relax and snack kinda girl. 
Update 333 - It's getting harder and harder to fit all of me into a tub, even large ones like this, but that never stops me from having a luxurious bath and covering every roll in bubbles.  
Update 332 - I had so much fun and felt extra jiggly while filming this pool video. No matter how hard I tried though, I just couldn't stay under water long. I'm basically my own pool float! 
Update 331 - No bubble bath is complete without some fun music and a little tub dancing. Hope you don't mind getting a little wet!
Update 330 - This not so little piggy went to market and waddled out with all the snacks her lil hooves could carry. Now she's home and it's time to stuff her face with all her delicious goodies!
Update 329 - Naughty fatties get spanked, and i've been a very bad girl. This is what I get for eating all the snacks I'd bought to share with friends; then again it's hard to feel like i've done something wrong when the punishment feels so good.

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