Update 346 - Summer is perfect if you like to wear practically nothing and soak up the sun. You caught me outside, being flirty and flaunting my fat, so now it's time to really get me wet!
Update 346 - Squeezing my massive thighs & huge plump ass into my jeans keeps getting harder as I get bigger and softer. The only thing I love more than how my butt looks in them is seeing my belly burst forward when I unbutton!
Update 345 - Sometimes I forget just how much every part of me jiggles and sways with every movement, but even more so with a little help ;)
Update 344 - I mostly wear stretchy leggings now, but I decided to try on the biggest pair of jeans I've ever owned. I have definitely gained weight since I last had them on!
Update 343 - Ever wonder what it would be like to be squashed under all this ass and belly? Watch as I I bounce and jiggle, doing everything to this pillow that i'd like to do to you.
Update 342 - I know you love my fat, luscious ass, especially when i'm bouncing it around. You can't keep your eyes off me, and after i've finished teasing you, I want your hands all over me. 
Update 341 - I love teasing you in my see through lingerie. Every curve and roll on display, just waiting for your hands to reach out and touch. Don't keep me waiting ;)
Update 340 - Painting is fun, but body painting is even better, especially when you have such a large canvas!
Update 339 - Watch as I waddle and walk around the hotel hallways, and even strut my fat ass outside!
Update 338 - Supersized and super sexy. Looking for something refreshing this summer? ;)
Update 337 - Every spoiled princess deserves her own private pool time, and that's exactly what I did. My swimsuit used to have a little extra room in it when I bought it, but now it's fully filled out and my rolls are spilling out like never before.
Update 336 - It's time to step back on that scale and see if my suspicions (and tighter clothes) are right. Will my weight go up? Am I closer to a certain milestone? I can't wait for you to find out!

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