Update 398 - My milkshake brings all the boys to the farm ;)
Update 397 - Touching, rubbing, and gently playing with my soft belly turns me on so much. I know you love when I tease you by having you watch as I grope my fat seductively. You get to touch when I'm done ;)
Update 396 - All you need to make your fantasies come true are Fat, Lust, & Fairy Dust. Sprinkle a little magic into your life and watch your dreams turn into a super sized sexy reality. 
Update 395 - I didn't get this fat by only eating MY food, so what's the big deal? Give me all your food, and also go get me even more snacks to stuff myself with!
Update 394 - Sure, handing out halloween candy is nice, but what's even better is making yourself a trough of candies all for yourself so you can live you fat piggy dreams! 
Update 393 - Pigging out at the Fairy Fall Harvest means big belly rubs and jiggles afterward.... and oh, you caught me in the act!
Update 392 - Halloween is my absolute favourite holiday, not to mention it's just before my birthday! Naturally this means I will load up on all the candies I can get my greedy lil pig hooves on! 
Update 391 - It's amazing how a body so soft could get you so hard. There's no denying just how bad you want me, so go on, give in to your urges, I won't tell. 
Update 390 - Things keep getting tighter, even my bra! I wonder if maybe this is a sign to just walk around naked!
Update 389 - Each new pound makes me softer and more beautiful than ever, but it also means that I am getting too big for even my biggest pjs. I guess I'll just have to sleep naked tonight. 
Update 388 - Carbs and cheese are all a girl needs to be soft, round, and gain pound after pound. I dig right in to my fav take away mac n cheese while wearing my tiniest bikini, and you get to see just how stuffed I get when I eat something I love. 
Update 387 - You've been so good to me, and it's time I show you just how much I appreciate all you do. Sit back, relax, and watch my body sway and jiggle all for you.

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