Update 329 - Naughty fatties get spanked, and i've been a very bad girl. This is what I get for eating all the snacks I'd bought to share with friends; then again it's hard to feel like i've done something wrong when the punishment feels so good.
Update 328 - The farmer's prized piggy is headed to a competition soon, so every hour she's fed extra snacks to make sure she's the heaviest, prettiest piggy, and comes home with the blue ribbon again this year.
Update 327 - Stripped and Striped Video - A little striped strip tease is exactly what you need after a long day of work, and I'm more than happy to give it to you
Update 326 - Stripped and Striped - Do these stripes make me look fat? I sure hope so!
Update 325 - A little bit of magic and a whole lot of snacks make this bratty student the fattest and baddest witch in school.
Update 324 - Being sent away to school was no problem, but the uniforms are too small, and the snack sizes even smaller. Clearly this won't stand! Looks like this Malfoy is going to have practice her magic to make sure she gains that freshman 15.
Update 323 - Being in onesie is great, but taking it off for you while dancing? Even better.
Update 322 - One of the best parts about cooler weather is snuggling up in a warm onesie and "snackcidentally" gaining some winter weight. Don't I look extra cozy and ready to cuddle? 
Update 321 - Watch me get winded and worn out trying to do even the most basic exercises. I'm such a lazy fatty!
Update 320 - Try exercising, they said. It will boost your energy, they said. False! I'm far too lazy for this nonsense, and hungrier than ever after barely doing anything. The only time I like to break a sweat is from eating so much I could burst.
Update 319 - A little splash of summer in the middle of winter is exactly what you need. Dive right in to these photos of my perfectly fatty beach body, and you'll be feeling hot in no time. 
Update 318 - Not only was I the fattest person at the breakfast buffet, but I was the only person with 3 plates full of food! Watch as I stuff my face in public, and even be lazy and have my friend get me more juice so I don't have to get up and stop eating. 

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